Park and Take-Off is the undisputed long and short term Airport parking leader as the preferred and recommended parking partner at strategic location near Port Elizabeth Airport. We achieve this through unwavering commitment to functional excellence, operational brilliance, unparalleled customer satisfaction, and sustained financial success.


Park and Take-Off elevates the quality of life by delivering immaculate and secure long and short term parking facility that stands on the pillars of unrivaled convenience, unshakeable reliability, and warm hospitality.


Park and Take-Off firmly acknowledges that our goals are achieved through the unwavering dedication of a highly skilled and passionately committed workforce. We ensure this by making substantial investments in comprehensive induction training and continuous development for our team members.


Our core values encompass a relentless commitment to customer focus, unwavering dedication to quality, fostering a collaborative work environment, and an unwavering focus on delivering results.




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